Best ICGT Paper

The prize of "Best ICGT Paper" is presented to the best theoretical paper at ICGT.


A brief history of the prize follows below.

2021 / Bergen, Norway (online)

Tikhon Pshenitsyn: "Powerful and NP-complete: Hypergraph Lambek grammars"

2020 / Bergen, Norway (online)

2019 / Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Russ Harmer and Eugenia Oshurko: "Knowledge representation and update in hierarchies of graphs"

2017 /  Marburg, Germany

Kristopher Born, Leen Lambers, Daniel Strüber and Gabriele Taentzer: "Granularity of Conflicts and Dependencies in Graph Transformation Systems"

2016 / Vienna, Austria

Michael Löwe: "Sesqui-Pushout Rewriting with Type Refinements"

2015 / L'Aquila, Italy

Frank Drewes, Berthold Hoffmann, and Mark Minas: "Predictive Top-Down Parsing for Hyperedge Replacement Grammars"

2014 / York, UK

Vincent Danos, Reiko Heckel and Pawel Sobocinski: "Transformation and Refinement of Rigid Structures"

2012 / University of Bremen, Germany

Arend Rensink and Eduardo Zambon: "Pattern-based Graph Abstraction"

2010 / University of Twente, Enschede

Hartmut Ehrig, Annegret Habel, Leen Lambers, Fernando Orejas and Ulrike Golas: "Local Confluence for Rules with Nested Application Conditions" your social media marketing partner
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