Best Student ESA Paper

EATCS sponsors an award for the best student paper at ESA. All of a paper's authors must be students for the paper to be considered for this award.

A brief history of the prize follows below.

2020 / Pisa, Italy (online virtual conference)

  • Track A: Hanrui Zhang: "Improved Prophet Inequalities for Combinatorial Welfare Maximization with (Approximately) Subadditive Agents"

2019 / Munich, Germany

  • Track A: Cornelius Brand: "Patching Colors with Tensors"

2018 / Helsinki, Finland

  • Track A: Maximilian Probst "On the complexity of the (approximate) nearest colored node problem"
  • Track B: Max Bannach, Sebastian Berndt "Practical Access to Dynamic Programming on Tree Decompositions"

2017 / Vienna, Austria

  • Marc Roth: “Counting restricted homomorphisms via Möbius inversion over matroid lattices

2016 / Aarhus, Denmark

  • Adam Kunysz: "The Strongly Stable Roommates Problem"

  • Michele Borassi and Emanuele Natale: "KADABRA is an ADaptive Algorithm for Betweenness via Random Approximation"

2015 / Patras, Greece

  • Meirav Zehavi: "Mixing Color Coding-Related Techniques"

  • Sascha Witt: "Trip-Based Public Transit Routing"

2014 / Wrocław, Poland

  • Joshua Wang: "Space-Efficient Randomized Algorithms for K-SUM"

2013 / Sophia Antipolis, France

  • Radu Curticapean and Marvin Kunnemann : "A Quantization Framework for Smoothed Analysis on Euclidean Optimization Problems''

2012 / Ljubljana, Slovenia

2011 / Max-Planck-Instiute for Informatics

2010 / University of Liverpool

2009 / IT University of Copenhagen

2008 / Universität Karlsruhe

2007 / Eilat

2006 / Universität Karlsruhe

2005 / Mallorca your social media marketing partner
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