2023 Alonzo Church Award for Outstanding Contributions to Logic and Computation

The awardee papers are:

  • Ralf Jung, David Swasey, Filip Sieczkowski, Kasper Svendsen, Aaron Turon, Lars Birkedal, Derek Dreyer: “Iris: Monoids and Invariants as an Orthogonal Basis for Concurrent Reasoning”. POPL 2015.
  • Ralf Jung, Robbert Krebbers, Lars Birkedal, Derek Dreyer: “Higher-order ghost state”. ICFP 2016.
  • Robbert Krebbers, Ralf Jung, Aleš Bizjak, Jacques-Henri Jourdan, Derek Dreyer, Lars Birkedal: “The Essence of Higher-Order Concurrent Separation Logic”. ESOP 2017.
  • Ralf Jung, Robbert Krebbers, Jacques-Henri Jourdan, Aleš Bizjak, Lars Birkedal, Derek Dreyer: “Iris from the ground up: A modular foundation for higher-order concurrent separation logic”. J. Funct. Program. 28 (2018).
for the design and implementation of Iris, a higher-order concurrent separation logic framework.

The award was established in 2015 by SIGLOG, EATCS, EACSL and the Kurt Gödel society.

The Award will be presented at ICALP 23.

The 2023 Alonzo Church Award Committee consists of the following five members: Thomas Colcombet, Mariangiola Dezani, Marcelo Fiore, Radha Jagadeesan, and Igor Walukiewicz.

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