The duties of the organizer

A prospective organizer of the EATCS Summer School to be held in year N should submit a proposal to the EATCS Summer School Liaison Committee Chair by June 15 in year N-1. The proposal should include the following information:

  • The theme, including a short justification of its importance and attractiveness.
  • The proposed date and place.
  • The names of potential speakers.
  • The expected participation fee. The fee should include accomodation and meals.
  • The expected number of participants, including capacity limits.

The selected proposal needs to be approved by the EATCS council. The approval of the proposal will be sent to be the proposer by July 15 in year N-1 at the latest.

The organizer is fully responsible for all organizational issues, whcih includes advertising the school, communicating with participants, and assembling the final list of speakers. your social media marketing partner
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