The role of the EATCS

The EATCS Summer Schools are organized under the auspices and support of EATCS.

The EATCS will establish an EATCS Summer School Liaison Committee, which is responsible for

  • communicating with potential organizers of future EATCS Summer Schools,
  • preparing an annual report for the EATCS council, and
  • actively searching for new attractive themes and encouraging potential organizers

The organizer of the next EATCS Summer School is selected by EATCS council based on the report of the EATCS Summer School Liaison Committee Chair.

The EATCS offers a number of grants to cover the participation fee for some students attending the summer school. The selection criteria are defined by the EATCS, and the list of supported participants must be approved by the EATCS Summer School Liaison Committee Chair. The money is then paid by the EATCS to the organizer of the school. your social media marketing partner
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